Single channel video | 19min | 2018

A Film by Maj Horn & Zhangbolong Liu

“The most important thing is their realisation that they can actively play a part in shaping their surroundings, that what they say about where and how they live will be listened to and that the key to their future lies in their own awareness”  – “The Child in The City”, Colin Ward, 1978: 185. 

Dashilar is a part of a larger investigation by Maj Horn, about urban childhood and how children experience public environments in very different cityscapes.The project is made together with artist Maj Horn and Micro Yuan’er, a non profit Children’s Library and Art Space powered by ZAO/standardarchitecture for local children of Dashilar, a Hutong neighborhood south of the Forbidden City. 

Maj Horn、刘张铂泷作品

“最重要的是孩子们意识到自己可以主动参与到对自身周边环境的塑造,他们关于在哪儿生活以及如何生活的意见会得到倾听,通往未来的钥匙就在他们的感知与观点中。” —《城市中的孩子》 Colin Ward  1978:185 

《大栅栏》属于Maj Horn 对都市语境下童年的系列调研,该项目探索儿童在不同类型城市环境中公共空间的体验。本项目与丹麦艺术家Maj Horn、微杂院合作完成。微杂院是标准营造 ZAO/standardarchitecture 设计、运营的公益儿童图书馆与艺术活动中心,服务生活在紧邻故宫的胡同老城区:大栅栏社区中的儿童。