This series of pictures are about the “presence of absence”. From the beginning of photography’s born, it is treated as the proof of the existence which is before the lens. It is different from painting or other art medium because people think photography is out of the control of human, the pictures they make are the precise reproduction of nature. Although along with the coming of digital era, people don’t trust photography’s objectiveness like earlier time, it is still a most common and powerful way to convey visual information. We are in the epoch of images, people conform in the surrounding of images even do not think about what these pictures mean. So I get the idea of using pictures – a visualized way to deliver information – to represent the concept of divisualizing. In all these pictures, there was something used to be there but it is not there anymore. The absent things are that people usually familiar with, like the video on a projection, the words on a green board, William Turner’s painting in the museum, etc. For some reason they are gone, but they leave behind some kind of “traces” that people could imagine what should be there. These pictures are also concerned with time. The traces of things are etched by time, with the flow of time. Finally the original thing will thoroughly disappear; all we can find is the trace it left behind. The evidence of the presence would be stronger and stronger. This is what Derrida said in his book “Of Grammatology,” the signifier became the signified, the sign became the real, the absence became the presence, and then the new reality was born.